Victoria Teijeiro

Category: Actress
Birth Date: En 1978

Diploma in Occupational Therapy (A Coruña).
Degree in Drama at the Royal School of Dramatic Art in Madrid (4 years).
Courses at the School of Theatre Creation with Mar Navarro and Andrés Hernández (2 years).
‘Voice and singing with Jesús Aladrén. (5 years) and Mª Luisa Castellanos.
‘Commedia Dell’Arte’ with Fabio Mangolini.
‘Verse’ with Vicente Fuentes and Gabriel Garbisu.
‘Camera’ with Patricia Ferreira, M. Martín Cuenca, E. Milewicz and Eva Lesmes.
‘Political theatre’ with Andrés Lima.
‘Performance’ with Augusto Fernándes and Will Keen.
‘Masks’ with Tapa Sudana and ‘Butoh Dance’ with Katsura Khan.
‘Fedora Aberastury Method’ with Ana Labat.
‘Suzuki and Viewpoints’ with Michael Stubblefield.
Courses at Casahamlet Theatre School, directed by Manuel Lourenzo and S. Fernández (3 years).

 Work & Activities

2009: “Romeo y Julieta” (W. Shakespeare), Ditu Produc, directed by Will Keen, “Hamlet, por poner un ejemplo” (M. Llorente), Factoría Teatro, directed by Mariano Llorente and “La lechera” (Laila Ripoll), Factoría Teatro, directed by Gonzala M. Scherman.
2008: “Innómines (Camino a la Felicidad)”, La Quintana Teatro, directed by Luis Blat and “El basilisco enamorado” (I Fulminati), directed by Fabio Mangolini.
2007: “Desde lo Invisible”, La Quintana Teatro, (Premio MAX Espectáculo Revelación 08”), “Presas” (I. del Moral and V. Fernández), C.D.N, directed by Ernesto Caballero and “Historia de un pequeño Hombrecito”, Teatro de Malta, directed by J. Berzal.
2006: “Sainetes” (R. de la Cruz), directed by E. Caballero, National Classic Theatre Company, “Sangre Lunar” (S. Sinisterra), directed by X. Albertí, C.D.N., “Ligazón” (Valle Inclán), directed by Juana González and “La Boda” (B. Brecht), directed by Raúl Fuertes.
2005: “El amor de D. Perlimplín y Belisa en su jardín” by Lope de Vega, directed by A. Castro.
2001: “Entrecontos” (performance for children) by Trifulca, directed by Amalia Gómez, “O can, o libro e o espello” by X. Pisón and M. A. Fernán-Vello, directed by M. Lourenzo and “A Farsa de Inés Pereira” by Gil Vicente, directed by Cándido Pazó.
2007: “Energy”, directed by Tina Oliveros.
2006: “Cristales Rotos”, directed by Judith Farias y Susana Arraigada.
2004: “Un día cualquiera”, directed by Gustavo Prieto and “La Caja Tonta”, directed by E.I.S.
2009: “Aguila Roja”, Globomedia, TVE1.
2008: “Cuenta atrás”, Globomedia, Cuatro.
2007: “Cuéntame”, Grupo Ganga, TVE1.
2001: “Contacontos”, TVG.


 Other Interesting Aspects

Singing, dubbing, clown, dance, fencing, stilts and riding.
Reader of audio books (Catarsis Producciones).
Founder and responsible for La Quintana Teatro (MAX Prize, 2008).
Prize to the Best Actress at Vegas Bajas National Contest in 2008 (Badajoz).
Teacher of performance, movement and voice in El Almacén and FANDE.
Languages: Bilingual Spanish-Galician, English and Portuguese (medium level). /