Victoria Rivadulla Conde

Pseudonym: Viki Rivadulla
Birth Date: In 1964
Birth Place: A Coruña


Although she was born in A Coruña, her life and work are linked to A Costa da Morte, specially to Muxía.



-Degree in Philosophy at the University of Santiago de Compostela.

-Self-taught painter and sculptor.

-Doll artisan. She got the artisan card in 2002.

She has experience as a teacher both in Philosophy (she worked as a teacher of Philosophy and Contemporary History at Aula Nosa Academy in A Coruña and teacher of study techniques for pupils of Ramón Caamaño Secondary School in Muxía) and craftsmanship (she gave a lot of courses on modelling and doll making).


 Work & Activities


-2013: “O meu mar” (painting and sculpture individual exhibition), Carballo Cultural Centre and illustrations for Chamádeme Eva, a book by Mercedes Leobalde who won Illas Sisargas Erotic Poetry Contest, 2012.

-2012: Scenographic collaboration for O médico a paus by Moliére, in a version by Artur Trillo for the Theatre School in Muxía.

-2012: “Miradas” (painting and sculpture collective exhibition); she organized the exhibition and participated as painter.

-2011: She was invited by the City Council of Vimianzo to inaugurate Antón Mouzo Gallery with a speech titled “A arte da Costa da Morte”.

-2011: She made illustrations for Átonos by Rosalía Fernández Rial and participated in the event to present the book.

-2011: She illustrated the cover of "Muxía é unha serea", a CD by Virxe da Barca Choral Society.

-2010-2011: She coordinated “Catro miradas” (painting and sculpture collective exhibition) and also participated as an artist, Casa das Beiras (Muxía)

-2010: Exhibition of artists from A Costa da Morte in “Muxía no Camiño”, a conference organized by the City Council of Muxía and Muxía Natural Association.

-2007: Crafts collective exhibition (Muxía)

-2007: She participated with a communication in “O Patrimonio inmaterial: os antigos oficios” together with Concha Canoura and Carmen Riveiro.

-2005: First exhibition of artisans from Muxía (Muxía)

-2005: “Mar Océana II”, crafts exhibition (Muros)

-2005: Crafts exhibition with workshops in the first conference on Tourism (Corcubión – Costa da Morte).

-2005: Crafts Christmas exhibition with workshops (Corcubión)

-2004: Exhibition of artists from A Costa da Morte, Vinoteca Lorena (Muxía)

-2004: Exhibition of artisans from A Costa da Morte (Muxía)

-2004: “Mar Océana”, crafts exhibition (Muros)

-2003: Crafts exhibition with workshops at Romaría do Lecer, organized by Xacarandaina (A Coruña)

-2003: “Marabilla Soa”, crafts exhibition (Muros)

From 2002 to 2006, she participated in the crafts exhibitions of Corcubión.

2002. Her two works “Meniñeiro” and “Pedro Chosco” were selected at the fourth edition of Antonio Fraguas Fraguas Crafts Contest, organized by A Coruña Conty Council. She participated in the catalogue and the itinerant exhibition of this contest.

2002. Together with Antón Mouzo, Xervasio Sar and Coque Toba, he participated in the end of Nunca Máis Platform painting live, Ramón Caamaño Secondary School (Muxía).

2001. Exhibition of dolls and puppets, Vinoteca Lorena (Muxía)

2000. Collective painting exhibition of artists from Muxía, Vinoteca Lorena (Muxía)

1998. Individual painting exhibition, El Café de Macondo (A Coruña)

1997. Individual painting exhibition, Tanxedoira Cultural Association (A Coruña)

1997. Individual painting exhibition, As Hortensias Restaurant (Corcubión)

1992. “Máscaras e óleos”, collective exhibition in Muxía organized by Punta da Buitra Cultural Association.

1990. Collective oil painting exhibition, City Council of Muxía.

1988. Individual painting exhibition, Lugo County Council.

1987. Individual painting exhibition, Casa das Crechas (Santiago de Compostela)

1987. Individual painting exhibition at the library of the City Council of Zas.

1986. “O pracer secreto do soño” (painting and drawing exhibition), Halcón Maltés Pub (A Coruña)

1986. “I Mostra de arte galega colectiva”, Fishermen Association (Muxía)

1985. Collective painting exhibition, Pazo de Bendaña (Santiago de Compostela)

1985. She worked as a graphic designer in ‘Xanela da lúa’, the cultural supplement of El Correo Gallego.

1984. Individual painting exhibition, Modus Vivendi Pub (Santiago de Compostela)

1984. She worked at the Graphic Design Department of the cultural university magazine ‘Coordenadas’, first with Marcelino de Santiago (Kukas) and then with Ricardo Lázaro (Santiago de Compostela)

She presented her first individual exhibition at Muxía Tele Club when she was fifteen.

Some of her works can be seen at Casa de Trillo (Muxía), Pazo do Souto (Carballo) and Hotel Rústico Lorena (Muxía).

She has published illustrations in magazines and newspapers: El Correo Gallego, Outeiro (A Coruña), Decrúa (Muxía) and Edelweiss (Santiago).

Her artistic work appears in the magazines 'Traveller' and 'Muñecas' (Madrid), in reports like that carried out for TVG in 'Galicia Enteira', 'Salitre' and 'Visións' (in a report by Xabier Rodríguez Barrio about her exhibition in Lugo County Council) and for TVE ('Más Gente') and the books 'Rutas da Costa da Morte' by Xan Fernández Carrera and '100 Mulleres Galegas. Artistas Emerxentes' by Rosa Gomez Limia and Patricia Núñez Sánchez, published by the Xunta de Galician and ‘Teenses pola Igualdade’ Association.

 Other Interesting Aspects

-Experience on culture animation and community arts (talks, artistic and cultural activities, exhibitions and poetry reading)

-Experience as a graphic designer of catalogues, posters and logos for the activities of cultural and artistic societies.

-She was co-founder and vice-president of Elerweiss Cultural Association that was a cultural animation agent in Compostela during the 80’s.

-She was a member of ‘Nunca Máis’ Platform in Muxía, organizing the events to inform during the Prestige catastrophe.

-Founder and president of the old Pedra dos Corvos Association.

-Foundation member of the Seminary of Studies of A Costa da Morte.

-Member of the Galician Association of Artisans.

-Member and secretary of the Patronage of Gonzalo López Abente Foundation.