Antonio Rodríguez López

Category: Doctor and writer
Birth Date: 13th March 1933 (†27th September 2002)
Birth Place: O Saviñao (Lugo)

In 1967, he took a degree in Medicine and Surgery at Santiago University. In 1970, he specialised in Psychiatry with Professor Villamil and Professor Cabaleiro. In 1973, he read his doctoral thesis Relaciones entre as imaxes parentais e as tendencias agresivas nos adolescentes, directed by Professor Barcia Salorio. In 1979, he was an assistant lecturer of Medical Psychology at Santiago University and Psychiatry at Cordoba University (1983). That same year he became Professor at this University. In 1986, he was appointed to a professorship at Santiago University that he still holds nowadays. -He has been the head of the Psychiatry Service at Galician General Hospital ('Hospital Xeral de Galicia') since 1983. -Since 1986 up to now, he has been the head of the Psychiatry, Radiology and Public Health Department (Santiago University).

 Work & Activities

-He is a member of the Advisory Committee in Mental Health within the 'Consellería de Sanidade' (Xunta de Galicia). -He is a correspondent member of the Societé Médico-Psychologique (Paris) and the New York Academy of Sciences. -He has become recently a member of the Galician Academy of Medicine. WORKS: -Drogodependencias (five volumes), Santiago University. -Asistencia psicogeriátrica y Antropológica cultural, Menarini, Barcelona, 1996. -Estudio de epidemiología psiquiátrica en la comunidad gallega, Xunta de Galicia. -Interacción psicosomática en la clínica de atención primaria, Xunta, 1996. -Adolescentes galegos. Indicadores de risco dos comportamentos disociales, Xunta, 1996. -Psiquiatría tanscultural (monograph), Aula Médica, 1996. He has published 10 books, 58 chapters for books and about a hundred works in specialised magazines about Psychiatry. He presented more than 350 reports in congresses and national and international meetings. He directed 17 doctoral theses.

 Other Interesting Aspects

-When he was young, he created an amateur theatre group in Escairón, his native village, developing a great activity to promote theatre in Escairón and the whole province of Lugo (1969-1975).