Victor López Villarabid

Pseudonym: Villarabid
Category: Journalist and writer
Birth Place: Villapedre - Sarria (Lugo)

He has been working as subeditor of the newspaper El Progreso in Sarria for fifteen years. In 1964, he had already started to work as correspondent for this newspaper, attending to four municipalities. As delegate, he is responsible for eight municipalities in the South centre of Lugo. From 1961 to 1964, he was in charge of a local radio station. Then he worked in 'Radio Cadena' for 22 years and 'Radio Nacional'. Since 1970, he has been working as correspondent for the Efe Agency in that area.

 Work & Activities

He has published the following tourism guides from the publishing house 'Everest': - Sarria, capitalidad del Camino de Santiago en Lugo. - Del viejo al Nuevo Portomarín. - Paradela y su Concello (Together with the Benedictine Father Pedro de la Portilla). - El Camino de Santiago de Galicia (in Castilian and Galician language). - Sarria. He also collaborated in some collective books and magazines.