Benjamin Santín Carballada

Pseudonym: B. Santín
Category: Professor, painter and draughtsman
Birth Date: 4th June 1933
Birth Place: Becerreá (Lugo)



Industrial master and draughtsman, Benjamín Santín is a Professor of Drawing (he has been teaching for 53 years). He worked at the Business School, ‘Lucus Augusti’ Secondary School and the Industrial Mastery School in Lugo (today polytechnical Institute). He participated in many committees and conferences and was the president of the First Galician Conference on Professors of Drawing (A Coruña, 1998). He was a member of the association ‘Agrupación Fotográfica Lucense’ (1960-1976) and secretary of the Association of Plastic Artists of Lugo (1996-2001). In 1982, he was awarded the first prize in the tenth anniversary of the National Association of Decorators. He collaborates with works of different subjects in some publications.

 Work & Activities

In addition to his activity as a critic, columnist and teacher, he is also keen on design, photography and painting. He uses nib, gouache and watercolour techniques, designing logotypes, covers of magazines and posters as well as taking part in collective painting and photography exhibitions. He participated in several conferences as a participant or rapporteur.

 Other Interesting Aspects

His whole work is characterised for the free content of allegories and conceptual symbols, always trying to communicate the inner language by means of word and image. His works Visión Háptica and Rastro en la arena were selected for the exhibition of the fourth edition of ‘Playa de Gandía’ Photographic Contest in August 2004.