Víctor Campio Pereira González

Category: Teacher, writer and journalist
Birth Date: 15th July 1928 († 24 de julio de 2018)
Birth Place: Maside (Ourense)

He studied at the Seminary and Teaching in Ourense, working later as a teacher in Galicia, Castille and Levant. He took a degree in Hispanic Philology at 'Complutense' University in Madrid. In Madrid, he edited the magazines 'Aula I' and 'Tagore' and collaborated in the pedagogical supplements of the magazine 'Escuela Española' for five years.

 Work & Activities

He began to write poems in the magazines 'Mirador Galaico' and 'Posío, Arte y Letras' (Ourense). He also wrote poems in the magazines 'Alcazaba' (Tetuán), 'Trevo' (Ourense), 'Dorna' (Santiago), 'Cadernos de Támega', 'Anto' (Portugal), 'Zurgai' (Bilbao)... He wrote O ar que nos leva (poetry, 1987), Baixo o sol do Magreb (novel, 1998) and other collective books such as Sete poetas ourensáns (1992) and Poesía dos aléns (1993). He collaborated in the newspapers La Región (Ourense), Noti-Tarde de Valencia (Venezuela), El Espectador de Valencia (Venezuela), Galicia (Buenos Aires), etc.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He got 'Biblioteca Endesa' Prize (A Coruña, 1977), 'Festas da Peregrina' Prize (Pontevedra, 1977), 'Festas da Luz' Prize (A Rúa - Ourense, 1980), 'O Nadal' Prize (Begonte - Lugo, 1992) and 'Modesto R. Figueiredo' Narrative Prize (Santiago, 1988).