Tucho Fernández Calo

Category: Illustrator
Birth Date: 21st June 1981
Birth Place: Porto do Son (A Coruña)
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He studied Illustration at Pablo Picasso Art School (A Coruña).

 Work & Activities

He has made illustrations for magazines and newspapers ‘e-negociogalicia’ and ‘Raigame’ and La opinión (A Coruña). He also illustrated the following books: “Os Reis de Galicia” by Anselmo López Carreira and “O memorial do infortunio” by Francisco Castro, both of them published by A Nosa Terra.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He was responsible for the graphic aspects in the project Glest http://www.glest.org , a RTS 3D video game that won ‘Art Futura 2004’ International Video Game Contest as well as ‘Mundos Digitales 2005’.
Nowadays, he is working at Tragnarion Studios (Palma de Mallorca).