Teresa Rey Barreiro-Meiro

Category: Politician and civil servant
Birth Place: Santiago de Compostela (A Coruña)
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-Degree in Law at Santiago University and Social Graduate. -Civil servant in the Galician autonomous region. She was director general at the 'Consellería de Familia e Promoción do Emprego, Muller e Xunventude'. -Member of the permanent committee of the International Year of the Family. -Member of the interdepartmental committee to fight against poverty. -Member of the Interinstitutional Galician Committee of the young people. -Member of the Tripartite Committee of Prevention and Integration of people dependent on drugs. -Member of the 'Consello Galego de Servicios Sociais'. -Member of the 'Consello Galego de Consumo'. -Member of the committee of 'interconsellería coordination in the matter of drug addiction. -Member of the coordinating committee for linguistic normalization. -President of the organization committee of the International Congress of the Family. -Member of the 'Consello Galego de Promoción de Igualdade do Home e da Muller'. -Member of the forum for integration of immigrants. -President of the Galician Foundation for Adults Protection. -Member of the Galician Committee of conscientious objection. -Member of the Infancy Observatory.

 Work & Activities

She attended congresses, courses, lectures, conferences and seminars such as the International Conference about 'Population and Development' in El Cairo (Egypt).