Alejo Amoedo

Category: Pianist
Birth Date: In 1966
Birth Place: Redondela (Pontevedra)
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He studied Music in Pontevedra and Vigo, where he graduated in piano, sol-fa, sight-reading, accompaniment and chamber music. Afterwards he specialized in vocal accompaniment under the direction of Professor Miguel Zanetti.
He enjoyed a scholarship of the IGAEM - Xunta de Galicia as a pianist in the first programme on orchestral practice.
He was a teacher of the Music Conservatoire of O Porriño (1987-1993), gave classes at H. Quiroga School of O Porriño (1992-1993) and was accompanist pianist in the ESMAE, Porto (Portugal), in the classroom of Eduardo Nogueroles (2004-2006), in the professional conservatoires of Pontevedra (1993-1995), the higher conservatoire of Vigo (1995-2003) and professional conservatoire of Vigo (2003-2004). In these conservatoires he filled the offices of secretary, vice director, head of the key department and head of the department of accompanist pianists.
Nowadays he is an accompanist pianist at the Higher Conservatoire of Vigo and at the School of Higher Musical Studies in Santiago de Compostela.

 Work & Activities

Together with Carlos Pérez he was awarded the first finalist medal at the ‘Concours Musical of France’, celebrated in Girona and Paris and honourable diploma in the Torneo Internacionale di Musica, celebrated in Zaragoza.
He was awarded Circulo Prize in 2004 (Music modality) in the Cultural Circle of O Porriño.
He recorded the following CDs: ‘Ensueño’ (together with Rubén Simeó; Vigo, September 2004), ‘Café 1930’ (together with Ignacio Fernández; A Coruña, 2007), ‘E Logo?’ (together with Marcos Fernández; A Coruña, 2008) and another one recorded in January 2009 together with Pablo Lago.
He has participated in all sort of musical events as an accompanist pianist.

 Other Interesting Aspects

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