Siro López Lorenzo

Pseudonym: Siro
Category: Caricaturist, humorist, sketcher and writer
Birth Date: 19th January 1943
Birth Place: Ferrol (A Coruña)
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He made a name for himself as a caricaturist and graphic humorist in the magazine 'Chan', edited by Borobó in 1970. Then, he collaborated in the newspapers Ferrol Diario, El Norte de Galicia, El Ideal Gallego, La Región and La Voz de Galicia (he has been on the editorial staff since 1984). He also collaborated in the magazines 'Teima', 'Vagalume', 'Can Sen Dono' and others. Since 1971, he has made radio programmes in the radio stations 'COPE', 'Antena 3' and 'Radio Voz'. After directing the programme 'Corre Carmela, que chove' for six years, he gave up radio in 1999. He made the Galician course '¿Imos aló?' for Galician TV and wrote the scripts of the serial 'Lendas'. He also directed the serial 'Riscos' (fifty interviews to Galician artists) and made two works about Castelao as graphic and literary humorist. Since June 2000, he has been co-ordinating '', the humour supplement of the newspaper La Voz de Galicia that is delivered on Saturday. He made his first exhibitions as a painter in 2000.

 Work & Activities

He published the albums Humor 71, Probes homes, Os pecados capitales, Coas raíces na Terra, Home e mulleres, In saecula seculorum amen, 18 espidos de muller, Cofrades do Cisto da Autonomía, Debuxos, ¡Ozú la Ezpo!, 16 anos de Parlamento Galego and Siro 30 anos despois. Besides, he is the author of the essays O caricaturista Xosé María Cao and Castelao Humorista, the book for children Sorrir en Frades and the project of 'Praza do Humor' in A Coruña. Together with the sculptor Ferreiro Badía, he made the collection of medals for the 'Galician Letters' and 'Xacobeo 99'. He also illustrated the Anthropology volumes of the work Proxecto Galicia ('Hércules' Publications).

 Other Interesting Aspects

In 1983, he signed a manifesto with Xaquín Marín defending humour, which gave birth to the Humour Museum in Fene and helped to consider caricature and humour sketching as humour genres. In 1997, he made a stamp dedicated to Anxel Fole to commemorate the Day of the Galician Letters.