Serafín Rodríguez Trashorras

Pseudonym: Sera
Category: Photographer
Birth Date: 9th april 1970
Birth Place: Lugo
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-1993: He gave a basic course on Photography and Black and White Film Development.

-October 1994 and April 1995 – July 1995: He worked as a cameraman on Televisión Lugo.

-1996: He recorded ‘As Paisaxes da Montaña’ (video film), Ophiusa, S.L.

-10-15 March 1997: He gave a basic course on Photography, organized by the FSP-UGT Youth Department in Lugo.

-1992 – up to date: Video operator of social reports for other professional photographers from Lugo.

-December 1997: He recorded the Queen’s Cup Final of feminine basketball, organized by Ensino Club (Lugo).

-February 1998: He worked as a photographer for the Galician Federation of Air Sports.

-31st January – 21st March 1998: He gave a basic course on Photography at Santiago Basanta Silva Secondary School in Villalba.

-December 1999: He made a photographic slide work for the conference ‘El nacimiento del automóvil’ (RACE Foundation).

-November 1997 – July 2000: He collaborated with Cadena 100 Lugo.

-May 2002: Cameraman at the Spanish Powered Flight Championship (Lleida).

-July 2002: Cameraman at the 20th edition of ‘Vuelta Aérea a Galaico Duriense’.

-October 2002: Rapporteur at ‘Docencia y didáctica en fotografía’, a seminar organized by the Photographic Association of Sestao – Bilbao.

-February 2003: He took photographs for ‘S.D. San Lázaro’ (elaboration of ‘La Muralla de Lugo’) and founded, together with other teachers and amateur photographers, ‘Posición B’ Photographic Association in A Coruña.

He also took photographs for CD Lugo Ciudad Viva, worked as a freelance for several advertising firms and worked as a photographer for ‘Terra Cha. Xa’ and a website dedicated to submarines ( and Naval Spotter at

He was also the official photographer of Barceleuro-Puebla, season 2005-2006 (premier division).

-2006: Official photographer in the fashion shows: ‘Pasarela na Rúa’, ‘Pasarela Lucus Augusti’… and photography director of “El Portal” (Lugo). He was responsible for the fixed photograph of this short and the fixed photographer of “El escritor de destinos” (A Coruña).

-2007: Photograph of the poster of “La locura de Dios”.

-2008: He worked as a teacher of Photography for the Institute of Education and Social Studies and collaborated in "Lugo e as Motos", an exhibition organized by the City Council of Lugo and presented at As Termas Shopping Centre.

-2009: He produced and wrote the script of “Un amigo llamado Xurxo”, directed by José Luis Caamaño Castro.

From September 2008 to October 2009, he worked as a photographer for ‘MásMoto’, a specialized magazine about motorbiking.

From 6th February to 5th April 2008, he gave a course on photography for the Institute of Education and Social Studies.

From 6th February to 9th May 2009, he gave a course on photography for the Institute of Education and Social Studies.

From 26th November to 23rd December 2009, he gave a basic course on graphic design and advertising photography for the Institute of Education and Social Studies.

From 13th March to 6th May 2010, he gave a course on photography for the Institute of Education and Social Studies.

From 30th april to 11th June 2011, he gave a course on photography for the Institute of Education and Social Studies.

 Work & Activities


1996: Pub La Tabla de Flandes (Lugo) and Pub Onda Media (Lugo).

1999: Pub La Tabla de Flandes (Lugo).

2001: Cultural Centre (Vilalba).

2002: Pub Ianus (Lugo).

2002, 2003 and 2004: Exhibition in several regional centres all around Galicia: Monforte, Poboa de Tribes, Bergantiños, Ordes, Carballiño and A Cañiza.

2005: A Mariña Regional Centre (Vivero) and Rincón Coruña Arte (A Coruña).

2006: Novimex, S.L. (Lugo) and Regional Centre, Ribadavia (Ourense).

2007: Fixed photograph of “El Portal”, A Ulloa Regional Centre, Cultural Centre in Monforte de Lemos, A Paradanta Regional Centre (Pontevedra), Tabeirós Regional Centre, A Estrada (Pontevedra) and Mesón do Forno (Lugo).

2008: "Lugo e as Motos" (exhibition), As Termas Shopping Centre (Lugo) and exhibitions at Torre de Vilanova, Celanova (Ourense), Regional Centre, Ordes (A Coruña) and Cafetería Egomundi (Lugo).

His photographs were published at FotoSaab 2000 Conttest in the general catalogue of all the prizewinning works in Madrid in 2000, in the cover of the magazine of the Nurse Association of Lugo (no. 16 and 17 – 1st and 2nd quarter of 2001), in the bulletin of the ‘Instituto de Estudios Chairegos’ (December 2003, articles about ‘Torres de Arneiro’), in several articles of ‘Terra Cha.Xa’, in 'Imagen y comunicación', in ‘El Norte de Castilla’ (2005) and in Digital Camera (“Desafio del lector”).

2008: "As Torres de Arneiro" (article), Faro de Vigo (19/05/08).

He worked as a photographer of ‘Masmoto’ and published many articles about submarines: "U47", "Otto el Silencioso-U 99", "Misterio en el U 65", "Relato corto sobre U-boats "Lejos", "Submarino Zeeleeuw, "Información sobre submarinos”, “Los submarinos en las revistas”, "Visita al Puerto de La Coruña submarino alemán U-16" and "Reportaje submarino Ruso U-480-Foxtrot Tipo 641".

Photographs in:

He donated to López Mella Museum two photographs as a motor biker (15th July 1997), a photograph at Trivial Café (Lugo) and two photographs at the Sports Department of Lugo County Council.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He was finalist at the third edition of FotoSaab (May 2000) and was awarded the third prize at the ‘II Certamen de Fotografía do Nadal Cidade de Lugo 2002’, the second prize at the ‘II Maratón Fotográfico Nadal Lucense’, organized by the Provincial Museum of Lugo (January 2004), the first prize at the photography contest of the ‘XV Festa da Faba’, Lourenzá – Lugo (October 2005) and the second prize at ‘Verano 2005’ Photographic Contest:

In 2008, he was finalist at 'Mirada e Luz' Photographic Contest (Caixa Galicia).

In January 2009 the ‘Museo de Radioaficionados CB’ in San Roque (Cádiz) awarded a prize to the Porch of Glory Association for their concern and work to preserve Torres de Arneiro.

He was finalist of ‘Mirada e Luz’ Contest, Caixa Galicia (2009).

In 2011 he got the second position at Arde Lucus Photographic Contest, organized by Caetra Lucensium Association.