Rosendo Salvado y Rotea

Category: Friar
Birth Date: In 1814 (†In 1900)
Birth Place: Tui (Pontevedra)

When he was fifteen, he entered 'San Martiño Pinario' Benedictine Convent. After the Spanish government's decision of ejecting convents, he moved to Naples, where he was ordained as a priest in 1839. In 1845, he was appointed as a missionary to Perth, a new diocese in the South of Australia. He founded a new colony called New Nursia, where he taught the Christian doctrine to the Australian natives. He had to abandon the Australian colony for a period of time owing to a Pope's decision and was nominated as bishop of Puerto Victoria, a new establishment of the English in the North of Australia. Once the English withdrew from that place, he could return to New Nursia.