Rogelio Groba Groba

Category: Musician
Birth Date: 16th January 1930
Birth Place: Guláns - Ponteareas (Pontevedra)

He was born in Guláns, a small village on the south of Pontevedra, where there is a big tradition of music bands. Due to this influence, he started to study music in the school of the music band called 'A Unión' in Guláns. When he was twelve, he was a flautist soloist and when he was seventeen, he made his début as a conductor. He improved his studies in Vigo and finished them in Madrid at the Royal Conservatoire, getting excellent marks. In 1952, he made his first catalogued compositions. After he came back to Galicia, he conducted the music bands in A Estrada, Tui and Ponteareas. Then he went to Pedro Muñoz (Ciudad Real), where he kept a great contact with the musical world in Madrid. Then, he moved to Switzerland, where he spent six years conducting several groups with a great success. In 1968, he came back again to Galicia as conductor of the music band of a Coruña. In this city he carried out his most interesting work. He also directed the Conservatoire and conducted 'Follas Novas' and 'El Eco' Choral Societies. He founded the orchestra of A Coruña and fought tirelessly to create the Galician Symphony Orchestra becoming an 'associate composer'.

 Work & Activities

Apart from being an extraordinary musician and conductor, he is also a pedagogue and a composer. Among his over 200 catalogued works, we can find eight cantatas (Nova Galicia, In Memoriam Manuel de Falla, Mandatum, Cantigas de Mar, Anxos de Compostela, Cantata de Maio, Gran Cantata Xacobea and Corpus en Ponteareas), six symphonies (Lúdica, Bucólica, Épica, Máxica, Christmas Symphony and Sinfonía para Cordas), four operas (María Pita, Divinas Palabras, Camiños de Rosalía and Floralba), a 'Galician Mass' (Corpus Christi), five concerts (Nemet, Arcaico, Res non Verba, Ophiusa and Concerto Klásico), and a lot of orchestral music, chamber music, lieds, music for piano, duets, trios and quartets. Famous orchestras such as the London Symphony Orchestra, the Chamber Orchestra from Stuttgart, the Galician Symphony Orchestra, the Gätchinger Choir and the London Voices Choir recorded some of these compositions.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He is a member of 'Nuestra Señora del Rosario' Academy of Fine Arts, 'San Fernando' Academy (Madrid) and 'José Cornide' Institute. He got the following prizes and distinctions:
-'Dante Luini' Prize, awarded by the Radio Suisse Romande for his work 'Ignis coronat opus'.
-'Bimilenario de la Ciudad de Lugo' Prize for his work 'Galicia esperta'.
-'Prize of the Galician Musical Criticism'.
-'Xunta de Galicia' Prize for Cultural Creation.
-Castelao Medal' for his work as a composer.
-Galician Culture Prize (2011).