Rodolfo Ucha Piñeiro

Category: Architect
Birth Date: 27th September 1882 (†27th January 1981)
Birth Place: Vigo (Pontevedra)

After taking his degree at the Architecture School of Madrid in 1906, he began to work as an architect in the City Council of Ferrol two years later, filling this office until 1936. He also worked as an architect of the Ministry of the Navy and the Cadastre.

 Work & Activities

Rodolfo Ucha was one of the most important architect of Modernism and developed his activity in Ferrol, modernising the city. Among his most important works we can mention the building of the newspaper El Correo Gallego, Ideal Room Hotel, the façade of Jofre Theatre, the bank firms ‘Caja de Ahorros de Ferrol’, ‘Banco de La Coruña’, etc.

 Other Interesting Aspects

The Galician architects paid him an homage in 1977 and two years later the Association of Galician Architects organised the exhibition ‘Arquitectura modernista en Ferrol, 1900-1925’ in the City Council of Ferrol, where most of his works and projects were exhibited.