Roberto L. Blanco Valdés

Category: Professor and writer
Birth Date: In 1957
Birth Place: A Estrada (Pontevedra)

He got a degree in Law at Santiago de Compostela University and his doctor's degree in 1987. Nowadays, he is a Professor of Constitutional Law in the Department of Public Law and State Theory at Santiago University. He has been a Professor in the Faculties of Law and Sociology at A Coruña University.

 Work & Activities

He has published more than a hundred works in some of the most important national and international specialised magazines in Constitutional Law and Science and Political Theory. These are some of his most important books: Rey, Cortes y fuerza armada en los orígenes de la España liberal (1808-1823) ('Siglo XXI' Publications, Madrid, 1988), La ordenación constitucional de la defensa ('Tecnos' Publications, Madrid, 1988), Los partidos políticos ('Tecnos' Publications, Madrid, 1990), El problema americano en las primera Cortes liberales españolas. 1810-1814 (Publication Service of the Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico D.F., 1995), El valor de la Constitución ('Alianza Editorial' Publications, Madrid, 1994) (translated into Italian), Introducción a la Constitución de 1978 ('Alianza Editorial' Publications, Madrid, 1998), (translated into Italian) and Las conexiones políticas ('Alianza Editorial' Publications, Madrid, 2001).

 Other Interesting Aspects

He has been 'visiting researcher' at Georgetown University (Washington D.C.) and investigating visitor at La Sapienza University (Rome). He has given courses and lectures in both universities as well as in the most part of the Spanish, European (Bologna, Trieste, Milan, Calabria, Padua) and American ones (Mexico, Chile, Ecuador, Brazil). He is an expert on Party Law and was summoned to take part in the Commission for the Study and Investigation on Party Financing (created in 1995). He has taken part in several institutional forums, meetings and national and international conferences on the matter. He is responsible for the Chapter relative to the Galician Autonomous Community in Informe Comunidades Autónomas, which has been elaborated since 1989 by the Institute of Public Law (Barcelona). In addition to his academic activity, he has been publishing essays for some years in magazines such as 'Claves de Razón Práctica', 'Leviatán', 'Sistema' and 'El Noticiero de las Ideas'. He has also carried out a journalistic activity as political analyst in the newspapers La Voz de Galicia and Diario 16. In 2001, he got 'Juan Fernández Latorre' Journalism Prize.