Miguel Castelo

Category: Journalist and writer

He gave up his job as merchant sailor, taking an interest in the communication world. He took a degree in Information Sciences, (Image and Sound) at 'Complutense' University (Madrid). In 1979, he founded the producer 'Ábrago Films' and after some years dedicated to Journalism in press, radio and TV, he took up film production again (1990).

 Work & Activities

He has written articles about cinema, theatre and other aspects of culture in several publications and Galician and foreign newspapers. He has also collaborated in the Galician Territorial Center (Madrid) and in Galician TV. In addition to his participation in most Galician productions during the 70's, he was a foundation member of the audiovisual firm 'Trama' (today disappeared), which was a pioneer in Galicia in this speciality. He was the scripts for the films: O pai de Migueliño, Cantares, O partiquino Ramírez, Hollywood, Hollywood and O desexo and directed: O pai de Migueliño, Macana de dote, che, O desexo, Cousas de sempre and Cita no camposanto.

 Other Interesting Aspects

His first production as script writer and director, O pai de Migueliño, was selected in the most important Spanish cinematographic meetings (San Sebastián, Valladolid, Bilbao, Gijón,...) and other foreign ones (Oberhausen, Moscow, Utrecht, London). He was awarded the Criticism Prize in the Fifth International Contest de Shorts (Barcelona) and got an honourable mention in the 19th edition of the International Cinema Week (Barcelona). His last work, O desexo, was awarded the prize of the Spanish Cinema at the 36th edition of the International Festival of Documentary Cinema and Shorts (Bilbao), the 'Juri Special Prize' and the 'Organizaçao' Prize at the International Cinema Festival (Algarve-Portugal). He also got 'Tatu de Prata á Melhor Fotografía' at the 22nd edition of the International Cinema Festival in Bahia and 'AEC' Prize to the best photograph at the Sixth International Week of Experimental Cinema (Madrid). Besides, he was included in the Scene of Spanish Cinema at the 16th International Festival of New Latin American Cinema of Havana, 'Cortocircuito' (Naples, 1996) and the 'II Festival Internacional do Cortometraggio' (Siena). His film O desexo was selected to take part in the international festivals of Mannheim-Heidelberg, Huy, Namur, Alcalá de Henares and Torello. He was also the executive producer of O Matachín by Jorge Coira (he got the prize to the best short at the First Festival of Independent Cinema in Ourense) and Isolina do Caurel by Chema Gagino.