Ramón Romay y Giménez-Cisneros

Category: Novelist
Birth Date: In 1764 (†1849)
Birth Place: A Coruña

When he was sixteen, he entered the Naval School in Ferrol to start his career in the Navy. He took an active part in the Independence War and had to go to England into exile after supporting Porlier's revolt. The Constitution was restored in 1820 and he could return, being nominated as military commander in Vigo. He refused to be a Minister and Senator to stay in his post, which he had to give up in 1823 to go to England again into exile. When he returned in 1833, he defended Bilbao during the first Carlist War. In 1836, he was nominated as commander of the Naval Department in Cádiz and chief of naval operations in 1843.