José Ramón Varela Rey

Category: Alcalde do Concello de Malpica de Bergantiños
Birth Date: 22 de marzo de 1955
Birth Place: Carballo (A Coruña)
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He studied Teaching and specialised in Natural Sciences and Mathematics.

He enjoyed scholarships since the first year of Secondary Education until he graduated.

1977-1978: LEUS School (Carballo).

1978-1979: Unitary School, Sofán - Iglesia (Carballo).

1979-1981: Secretary of the public school of Corme (Ponteceso).

1981-1985: He worked at the public school of Buño (Malpica) and was the secretary of the school in the first year and director in the three following years.

From 1985 up to date, he has been working at ‘As Revoltas’ Public School (Cabana). He was the director of studies since 1987.

Since September 2003 he has been full-time Mayor.

 Work & Activities

-He collaborates with most part
of the associations of Bergantiños area, living information and managing economic aids throughout the year.


-Founder and treasurer of ‘As Revoltas’ Cultural Association of A Cabana in 1992.

-President of ‘As Revoltas’ Cultural Association since September 1997.

-Coordinator of ‘O Berro Seco’, a newspaper that comes out every year Turing the Day of the Galician Letters.

-He gave up all his positions when he was elected Mayor of Malpica.



-Member of the PSOE in Malpica since 1987.

-He joined the PSdeG-PSOE in 1987 and presented himself as a candidate to become Mayor of Malpica de Bergantiños.

-In 1991 he was elected secretary general and was on the 9th position as candidate in the general elections of 1992.

-Member of Bergantiños area.

-In 1992 he created the PSdeG-PSOE sympathizer card.

-Candidate to the autonomic elections in 1993 (8th position in A Coruña).

-Candidate to become Mayor of Malpica de Bergantiños in the elections of 1999.

-Councillor of Malpica since June 1987.

-He was nominated as Mayor of Malpica on 3rd July 1999.

-In February 2000 he was nominated as president of the local committee of the PSdeG-PSOE in Bergantiños.

-He was nominated as Mayor of Malpica in 2003.

-General consultant of Caixa Galicia since 2003.

-He was nominated as Mayor of Malpica on 16th June 2007.

 Other Interesting Aspects


He was the founder of ‘Illas Sisargas’ Sports Association in Malpica and president until March 1993. Three months later, he was nominated honourable president of this sports association.

He carried out many initiatives while he was president of ‘Illas Sisargas’: Beach football leagues in all the categories, ‘Brilé’ on the Beach, beach volley, foot volley, Costa da Morte Skiff Race, Illas Sigargas Sailing Race, first football marathons in Malpica, beach volley and basketball, windsurf races...

As a football placer, he was integrated in the following teams: ‘Bergantiños Juvenil’, ‘Deportivo Carballo’, ‘Bergantiños’, ‘Bayo’, ‘Sofán’, ‘Malpica’ and ‘Corme’.

He was national football trainer in the following teams: ‘Corme C.F.’ (1982-85), ‘Bergantiños’ (1985-86), ‘Cabana’ (1986-87), ‘Xallas’ (1987-89), ‘Zas’ (1989-93) and ‘Bayo’ (1994-99). On 3rd July 1999, he stopped being trainer and became Mayor of Malpica.

He was also basketball, table tennis, volleyball and badminton instructor, treasurer of Guillán Chess Club of Malpica and founder of ‘As Revoltas’ Sports Association of Cabana.