Rafael Cid Fernández

Birth Date: 6th March 1961
Birth Place: Tamagos - Verín (Ourense)
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He took a degree in Hispanic and Galician-Portuguese Philology at the University of Santiago de Compostela and Journalism at the University of Navarra. He is an associate Professor of Audiovisual Communication in the Faculty of Communication Sciences (University of Santiago de Compostela).
He practised in ‘La Voz de Galicia’ and collaborated in La Región. He worked on Galician TV since it was created on 25th July 1985 until October 1987. It was then that he entered Spanish TV, on the Galician Territorial Centre, where he became head of the news programmes.

 Work & Activities

He wrote the script and directed ‘Carrilanos, os túneles dun tempo’, a documentary about the construction of the railway between Puebla de Sanabria and Ourense, one of the most difficult ones to build in Spain. He was awarded an honourable mention at the International Festival of Independent Cinema in Ourense, ‘Xosé Aurelio Carracedo’ First Journalism Prize, ‘Francisco de Cossío’ Communication Prize (Castilla y León) and Galicia Communication Prize in 2004 for the best communication work on TV.