Pepa Carro

Birth Date: 20th December 1938
Birth Place: Lugo

After finishing his studies at Fingoi School, she studied French and English and in summer 1957 and November 1958, he decided to improve his knowledge of French going to France. She remembers this period as a lovely stage of her life.
During 1958 and 1959 she helped as a volunteer the well-known paediatrician Dr Fernando Álvez at the Institute of Hygiene, giving injections and attending ill children.
On 22nd November 1985, the president of Acción Católica asked her to take charge of “Manos Unidas” as Diocesan Delegate in Lugo. She filled the office until 2007 that Clara López replaced her. There was a lot of work and satisfaction in those twenty-three years that he could develop thanks to the support and collaboration of his family.
On 28th November 1985 she was invited to make a journey that changed her way of understanding life and solidarity. She travelled to India with a small group of delegates and the responsible person in the executive committee of that wonderful country, Caridad Roa, with the aim of knowing in situ the projects carried out there thanks to “Manos Unidas”.
Her activity in MMUU has filled her life and her family’s. Every February is special as the NGO carries out its stronger campaign. MMUU counts the valuable collaborations of missionaries that give lectures and go to the schools and the media telling their enriching experiences.

 Other Interesting Aspects

She is married, has seven children and twelve grandchildren.