Pedro Barrié de la Maza

Category: Businessman, banker
Birth Date: 17th December 1888 (†14th March 1971)
Birth Place: A Coruña

After studying Secondary Education he was admitted in 1903 to the Business School, where he stayed until July 1905. This year he travelled to England to study at the School House in Borden-Sittingbourne in Kent. In 1908, he moved to Lubeck (Germany). In 1910, he moved to France and worked in an agency in La Rodelle. In 1911, he came back to Galicia and shortly after he started to work as partner and manager of the trade name ?Sobrinos de J. Pastor?. In 1916, he married Amalia Torres. ?Sobrinos de J. Pastor? changed into Banco Pastor, S.A. and in 1925 Pedro Barrié became the president. In 1931, Barrié was nominated as consultant of the Galician Electricity Board. When his friend, the general Franco, is nominated as officer of Infantry Brigade, Pedro Barrié worked together with some friends as a bodyguard to the general. After his uncle's death, Pedro Barrié turned into the most important shareholder of the bank ?Banco Pastor? and became the president of the board of directors. In order to develop Galicia?s wealth, he started to create companies. In 1943, the electric company called FENOSA was founded in Lugo, investing a capital of five million pesetas. The bank (Pastor) turned into the most important shareholder of the shipping company called ASTANO. In 1952, his wife died and married Carmela Arias in 1966.

 Work & Activities

The great business activity of Pedro Barrié de la Maza brought him the title of Count of Fenosa in addition to several prizes and medals such as the Cross of Isabel, the Catholic Queen; the Cross of Naval Merit, the Medal to the Work Merit...