Pedro Agrelo Balado

Category: Interior designer
Birth Date: In 1949 († 1st July 2013)
Birth Place: Lugo

He graduated in Interior Design at the School of Decorative Arts in Madrid and Decoration at ‘Mestre Mateo’ School in Santiago de Compostela. He taught Drawing at the School of Arts and Crafts in Lugo and gave courses on Pretechnology and Design for teachers of Primary Education and occupational training on furniture design. He did an MA in Interior Design at Salamanca University and specialized at A Coruña University (Departament of Representation and Architectonic Theory and Department of Technology and Graphic Representation Science). He was a member of the standing committee for the elaboration of the curriculum of the Galician Applied Art Schools (‘Dirección Xeral de Ensinanzas Medias’, Consellería de Educación, 1988) and member of the committee for the elaboration of the curriculum of the Degree in Fine Arts and Design (fourth level) (Dirección Xeral de Ensinanzas Medias, Consellería de Educación, 1994). He was a member of the International Federation of Interior Architects, member of the Galician Association of Decorators and Interior Designers and president of the Galician Association of Interior Architects. He participated in many round-table meetings about the use of urban space and gave lectures and wrote articles about interior design. In 1970, he opened his own studio and devoted himself to design housing, business premises, recreational areas and restoration.

 Work & Activities

Several prizes in national contests.

Personal exhibitions in Madrid, Lugo, A Coruña, Barcelona and Vegadeo.

Many collective exhibitions.

Member of Record Group (1967-71).

Member of ‘Estampa Popular Galega’ (1967-68), itinerant exhibitions all around Galicia.

His biography appears in the first volume of the ‘Enciclopedia Galega’, page 146.

Several prizes as a graphic designer.