Paulino Franco Cantón

Birth Date: 29th April 1935
Birth Place: León
Telephone: 981151453
Fax: 981234838
Correo electrónico: 
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He worked as a teacher in Venezuela for nineteen years. In 1984, he returned to A Coruña and began to work as an autonomous worker. One year later, he created the association 'Área Comercial Oza' and was the vicepresident until the Federation of Commercial Areas of A Coruña was founded (he is the president of this foundation). The Association of Galician Autonomous Workers was founded in 1987, being the vicepresident until 1999 that he became the president. He was also the vicepresident (until 1999) and president of the Federation of Galician Autonomous Workers that was created in 1993. the Confederation of Spanish Autonomous and Professional Workers was created in 1999, being the vicepresident.

 Work & Activities

He organised the First Galician Conference on Autonomous Workers (1991), eleven editions of the Trade Fair for Galician Autonomous Workers (1994-2004) and First National Conference on Autonomous Workers (1999). He gave training conferences for autonomous workers and usually collaborates in the magazine 'Los Autónomos', radio and TV, always giving information about legislation and aids for autonomous workers.