Pablo González Mariñas

Category: Writer and professor
Birth Date: 26th June 1944
Birth Place: A Coruña
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He took a degree in Law at Santiago de Compostela University in 1965, his doctor's degree at the Autonomous University of Madrid in 1973 and a degree in Spanish American Studies at Rábida University (1964). In 1968, he entered the Corps of Civil Administrators and became a professor of Administrative Law in 1979. He was a Professor at Complutense University (1967-76), Autonomous University of Madrid (1972-76), Central University of Barcelona (1979), Santiago de Compostela University (1976-80) and gave many courses imparted at the National School of Public Administration (1970-76) and the Galician School of Public Administration (1990-99).

 Work & Activities

He published the following books: Génesis y evolución de la Presidencia del Consejo de Ministros de España (Madrid, 1974); La inejecución de sentencias de los Tribunales Contencioso-Administrativos (Madrid, 1975); Las Diputaciones Provinciales en Galicia: del Antiguo Régimen al Constitucionalismo, (first prize of juridical investigation for the faculties of Law, awarded by the bank firm 'Castro Canosa' in 1979), (A Coruña, 1978); O nacionalismo hoxe (Santiago, 1989); Galicia: ¿Provincia única? (Santiago, 1989); Territorio e identidade: Galicia como espacio administrativo (Santiago, 1989); Comentarios al Proyecto de Ley de Contratos de las Administraciones Públicas (coordinator, Xunta de Galicia-EGAP, Santiago, 1994) and A Lei de Administración Local de Galicia (director, Xunta de Galicia-EGAP, Santiago, 1998). He published about a hundred articles on juridical and administrative themes in the most important magazines of this specialty. He usually collaborates with Spanish, Portuguese and Argentinean Universities as well as with the National Institute of Public Administration and other European centres to train civil servants.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He was a member of the Galician Parliament in two sessions, secretary of the Parliament's Table, candidate of the political party 'Coalition Galega' to the presidency of the Xunta de Galicia, 'Conselleiro da Presidencia e Administración Pública' (Xunta of Galicia) and spokesman of the autonomous government. He founded the Galician Nationalist Party. Nowadays, he is directing the technical commission of the juridical section of the 'Consello da Cultura Galega'. He was awarded the Command of the Civil Order of Alfonso X, the Wise.