Pablo Egerique Martínez

Category: Lawyer
Birth Place: Valencia de Don Juan (León)
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He worked as a business advisor and was the president of Povisa from 1975 to 1982. He founded the association ‘Colegio Rosalía de Castro’. As far as politics is concerned, he was the provincial president and member of the national executive committee of the Liberal Party. He was a deputy in the Galician Parliament from 1985 to 1996 and was the president of the Deputy Statute Commission, president of the Commission for the Relations between the Parliament and the ‘Consello de Contas’ and member and spokesman of the Economy and Budget Commission. From July 1996 to March 2004, he was the special delegate of State in the Consortium of the ‘Zona Franca’ in Vigo. Nowadays, he is the president of the Galician Economical and Social Council and managing director of ‘Xes Galicia’ and Vigo’s Port.