José María Freire Piñeiro

Category: Syndicalist
Birth Date: 30th September 1953
Birth Place: Ferrol
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He studied Secondary Education at 'Concepción Arenal' Secondary School in Ferrol and Design and Electricity at the School of Industrial Teaching. In 1972, he entered 'ASTANO', where he carried out an intense syndical activity that made him be arrested on two occasions. In 1976, he was elected general secretary of the Syndical Union in Galicia until 1977. It was then that he became a member of the Confederal Executive Commission and moved to Madrid, being responsible for the department of Vindicative Action and Employment. In 1981, he returned to Galicia, entered 'ASTANO' once again and collaborated in the reorganisation of the union. Since 1981 he has been general secretary of the Syndical Union in Galicia.

 Work & Activities

When he was 16, he collaborated with organizations related to the Christian movements ('Secretariado Gitano', 'Cáritas', 'JOC', 'HOAC', etc). He was sent to the Sahara to do his military service, where he collaborated with the Democratic Organisation of Soldiers.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He is married and has a son. He spends his free time collaborating with the local movement of the Rural Area of Ferrol, where he is living. He is a member of several cultural and recreational associations such as the Galician Society of Natural History and the Club of the Sea.