Odón E. Luis Abad Flores

Pseudonym: Dabades, Pau de Vimbio, Garabolos, O cabalo de diante
Category: Professor and writer
Birth Place: Camagüey (Cuba)


He took a degree in Agricultural Engineering at the Technical School of Agricultural Engineers in Madrid (1960), where he founded the magazine 'Agro'. From 1963 to 1972, he was the head of the land consolidation service in Lugo. Since it was founded until 1971, he taught 'Fitotecnia' and 'Motores y Máquinas' at the School of Agricultural Technical Engineers (Lugo), where he founded the magazine 'Fronte e Cocote'. He was chief and inspector of the Institute of Land Reform and Development (1972-1984), director general of Planning and Development of the Xunta of Galicia (1984-86) and member of the 'l'Association General des Hygienistes et Techniciens Municupaux'(1989-99). He directed the land consolidation of more than ten thousand hectares and the carrying out of more than ten thousand kilometres of rural paths and roads. He also collaborated in the project of rural electrification promoted by the National Institute of Colonization.

 Work & Activities

He wrote many scientific and literary works: (Estampas do meu amigo Pepiño, Los Cinco Traperos, Década de Fermín), Una Opción para la Reforma Agraria de Galicia, Complemento ó Catón galego de Ben Cho Sey and other books in collaboration with other authors. He gave many lectures about land consolidation (especially in Lugo), marine ecology, light pollution, removal of waste products, alternative energies, population genetics and transgenic food.

 Other Interesting Aspects

In 1951, he got 'Lugín' Prize for his work Galicia a través de los personajes de Emilia Pardo Bazán and 'Fernández Latorre' Prize (1964) for his article 'O grao de corvo', one of the stories of the book Estampas do meu amigo Pepiño. He has been a member of 'José Cornide' Institute since 1984 (he was the secretary and today he is a treasurer). He got the command of the Civil Order of the Agricultural Merit. He has been a member of the Academy of Medicine and Surgery since 1982 and the Galician Academy of Sciences since 1982.