Fernando González Suárez

Category: Politician and Professor
Birth Date: 19th November 1928
Birth Place: Ourense

-Degree in Chemical Sciences and doctor's degree in Physics and Chemestry. -He devoted himself to teaching for over 35 years at Secondary Schools, holding the posts of secretary, deputy head and vicechancellor in Mérida, Ponferrada, Astorga and 'Otero Pedrayo' Secondary School in Ourense. -Member of the art group 'Francisco de Moure'. -Town councillor, deputy mayor and acting major in Ourense. -Provincial delegate of Education in Ourense, nowadays he is a member of the provincial executive body of the political party 'Partido Popular' in Ourense. -Deputy of the Galician Parliament during the second, third and fourth sessions. -Deputy spokesman of this political party during these sessions. -President of the Special Committee of the Financing Plan for the Universitary System in Galicia. -Secretary of the Galician Parliamentary Board for a year within the fourth session. -Rapporteur of the Law for Cultural Heritage in Galicia and Law for Protection against Acoustic Contamination. -Rapporteur of the Law proposal at the Congress about the change in the name of A Coruña and Ourense. -He directed the Cabinet of the Government's presidency on the fifth session.

 Work & Activities

He published several works in: -Art magazine 'Porta da Aira' from the group 'Francisco de Moure' (Ourense). -Magazine 'Fontán-Sarmiento' of Seminar Studies on Hagiography, Toponymy and Onomastics in Galicia. -Minutes of the International Congress 'San Bernardo y el Císter en Galicia y Portugal'. -Magazine 'Abrente' of the Fine Arts Academy 'Nuestra Señora del Rosario' (A Coruña). -'Auriense' Bulletin. -'En torno al arte auriense', magazine published by Santiago University and the Town Council Office of Ourense as an homage to José González Paz, Ourense, 1990. -Magazine of the Galician Committee of the Fifth Centenary 'Algunos aspectos iconográficos ourensanos en relación con América', A Coruña, 1988. He also published the book El arte de las labras heráldicas del Ribeiro, in collaboration with José González Paz, printing house 'La Región', Ourense, 1995.