Miguel Porto Hermida

Category: Illustrator
Birth Date: 20th December 1980
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After studying at the Polytechnical Institute of Torrecedeira, he entered Víctor Rivas Comic and Illustration Academy and graduated in Fine Arts in the Faculty of Pontevedra (2004). As for his labour activity, he worked as a web designer at Visual Publinet and illustrated a book published by POVISA (2001) and made designs for ‘Mayu’ (2002) and ‘Vetas’ (2003), two video games for Imaxin Software. He also created the animation for a spot of Cambeses Stage Agency and was responsible for the artistic direction, animation and character design of two video games: ‘O mundo nas túas mans’ for Imaxín Software and ‘El medallón de la fortuna’ (2004).

 Work & Activities

He created and edited ‘Alopecia Mental’ and collaborated in the following magazines. ‘BD Banda’, ‘Barsowia’, ‘Dos veces breve’ and ‘H2Oil’.
-2000: He collaborated in three strips of ‘Lucky Duckie’ (‘funny animals’) in ‘Alopecia Mental nº 2’, in ‘Limbo’, a short comic and mithological story, in ‘BD Banda’ Nº2, in ‘Fanzine das Xornadas’ (Ourense) and in ‘Lúa’ (a näif humour series in the second stage of ‘Golfiño’).
-2003: ‘Niko Natas’ (second stage of ‘Golfiño’), ‘Sam Reinhardt’, dark humour (‘BD Banda’, nº4), ‘Ulf e Olf’, absurd humour (‘Barsowia’), ‘Stereotöpffer: Noma wuarra’, comic story homage to mute films (‘Barsowia’ nº1), ‘Stereotöpffer: Txapapott pointorg’ for the collective album ‘H2Oil’ and ‘Don Ninguén’, comic mute story (‘Fanzine das xornadas’).
-2004: ‘Lucky Duckie’, with Víctor Rivas (BD Banda), ‘Te visitará la muerte’, dark humour (Dos veces Breve, especial Galicia) and a story without title about winter love (Fanzine das Xornadas).

-2003: Anthology of the Designed Band Festival of Cangas and ‘H2Oil’ at the Designed Band Festival of A Coruña.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He was awarded the third prize at the First Comic Saloon of Vigo for ‘Parade a guerra’ (1995), the first prize at the Designed Band Contest of Ourense for ‘O que non se ve’ (homage to Disney productions, 2001) and third prize in the same contest for ‘Soviet’, a combination between historical fiction and costumbrism (2003).