Eugenio Montero Ríos

Category: Polítician and Professor
Birth Date: 13th November 1832 (†12th May 1914)
Birth Place: Santiago de Compostela (A Coruña)

He entered the seminary but he left it after finishing the fourth course on Theology, taking a degree in Law and his doctor's degree at Madrid University in 1859. That same year, he got the professorship of Statistical Discipline at Oviedo University, although he could return to Santiago in 1860. In 1861, he was appointed to the professorship of Theory of Procedures and Forensic Practice. In 1864, he moved to Madrid to occupy the professorship of Institutions of Canon Law and he opened a lawyer's office. In 1869, he began to be interested in politics, being elected deputy in Pontevedra and undersecretary of the Ministry of Justice. In 1870, he became Minister of Justice. During his term of office, several important laws were approved (Mortage Reform, Organisation of Judicial Power, Lawsuit and Organisation of the Jury). In 1885, he became Minister responsible for Public Works and private adviser of Queen María Cristina. He also became president of the Senate and president of Government in 1905, although he resigned some months later.