Mateo de Prado

Category: Architect and sculptor
Birth Date: At the beginning of the 17th century (†27th August 1677)
Birth Place: Cumbraos - Sobrados dos Monxes (A Coruña)

He was one of the great authors of the Galician baroque. In 1639, he started the works of the choir-stalls in San Martín Pinario, which were finished seven years later. In 1643, he carried out works in the Monastery of Sobrado (A Coruña) and San Andrés de Barrantes (Cambados). He worked at Santiago's cathedral in 1643 and 1658 in the altarpiece of the Royal Hospital of Santiago. He also worked at the cathedral, the baldachin of Oseira and the Monastery of Montederramo in Ourense. He was an expert on altarpieces. He worked in the altarpieces of Hospital Mayor in Santiago, Monastery of Montederramo, Concepción Chapel at Ourense's cathedral and the Jesuit School in Monforte. He was also a famous sculptor although many of his sculptures are not preserved today.