Mary C. Otero Rolle

Category: Poet and songwriter
Birth Date: 5th april 1965
Birth Place: Madrid

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With roots from Galicia on her father’s side and from Madrid on her mother’s side, Mary C. Otero Rolle moved at the very young age of two years to Viveiro (Lugo) from Madrid. Here in this coastal town of Lugo Mary began writing poetry and music. After graduating in Teaching in Lugo, she began a degree in Business that she did not finish. She married Santiago Rodriguez Lopez (Barcelona) in 1997 and in the same year they moved to Santiago de Compostela, where their son Carlos was born. Since 2002 she lives with her family in the UK, living in Southampton until 2006 and in Bristol since then.

 Work & Activities

Most of her poetry was written in a period between her adolescence and the late 90's. The result of this activity is her first book (Luces en la arena, published 2012), a collection of poems focused on the theme of love. There are many other unpublished poems. Regarding her musical side, Mary C. Otero Rolle has set to music several of her own poems as well as Galician poems by other authors such as Darío Xohán Cabana, Celso Emilio Ferreiro and Manuel Rodríguez López, of which some were performed live on Lugo Television.