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1987. Basic degree in flute, ‘José Iturbi’ Conservatoire, Valencia. Professors: Enrique Forés and Salvador Chuliá.
1990. Medium degree in flute, Music Conservatoire, Valencia. Professors: Ángel Marzal and José Mª Sáez Ferriz.
1992. Higher degree in flute, ‘Joaquín Rodrigo’ Conservatoire, Valencia. Professor: José Mª Sáez Ferriz.

1984: Andrés Carreres (soloist O.N.E.).
1987, 1989: Kate Hill (J.O.N.D.E.).
1989: Juana Guillém (soloist O.N.E.) AND David Butt.
1990: James Galway.
1991: Raymond Guiot.
1992: Ida Ribera, Jaime Martín, Peter Lloyd (J.O.N.D.E.), P.I. Artaud.
1993: Julius Baker, J.Baxtresser, Jaime Martín, Peter Lloyd.
1998: Patrick Gallois, José Mª Sáez Ferriz.

1983: Enrique Forés.
1985-1987: Joaquín Constancio.
1989: Juana Guillém.
1990: Kate Hill (London).
1992, 1993, 1994: Lessons in London: Christine Messiter (soloist of the Academy of St. Martin in the Fields), Jaime Martín and Paul Edmund Davies.
1993, 1997: Lessons in New York with Julius Baker.
1997: Magdalena Martínez.
2001: Antonio Arias.

 Work & Activities

1987: A piece by J. Ibert, Athenaeum (Valencia) and recording for TVE 1.
1992: A piece by Bach and Syrinx de Debussy, Palau de la Música (Valencia).
1993: Syrinx, Morella Church.

1987: ‘Pavana para una infanta difunta’ by Ravel, recording for ‘Radio Clásica’.
1990: ‘Fantasía’ by G. Faurè, Lucerna, (closing session of the course: James Galway).
1998: ‘Sonata’ by Prokofiev with Bertomeu Jaume, Buñol.

1987: Recital with Enrique Perona (Picaña).

1987: ‘Danza de los espíritus bienaventurados’ by Gluck with the instrumental group of Picaña, recording for ‘Radio Clásica’.
1988: ‘Concierto en Sol Mayor’ by Stamitz with the Chamber Orchestra of Sagunto.
1988, 1989: ‘Suite en La m.’ by Telemann and ‘Cuatro Danzas Húngaras’ by Bengraf-Kaüer with the Chamber Orchestra of Valencia, Bancaixa (Valencia).
1995: ‘El flautista maravilloso’ by E. Merino with the Symphonic Orchestra of Galicia and Víctor Pablo, Coliseum (A Coruña).

1987-1990: Member of ‘H. Purcell’ Chamber Orchestra (tours all around the Valencian region).
1989: Collaboration with the Youth Chamber Orchestra of Great Britain, Roman amphitheatre (Sagunto).
1991-1993: Soloist and founder of the Young Orchestra of the Valencian region (tours all around the Valencian region and Castilla & León).
1993, 1994 and 1997: Collaborations with Ciudad de Granada Orchestra (concerts in several Andalusian cities).
1993-1996: Vice-principal of the Symphonic Orchestra of Galicia (tours all around the main stages in Spain, Germany, Austria and Portugal).
1996: He was invited to the events of Karajan Academy of Berlin.
1996-97: Reserve member of the European Union Youth Orchestra.
1999-2000: Collaborations with the Phylarmonic Orchestra of Galicia (concerts in Galicia and Castilla & León).

1991: Concert with the Wind Octet of Valencia (works by Gounod).
1991: Tour all around Germany with ‘Grupo de Cámara de la Artística’ by Buñol.
1992: Chamber meeting of the J.O.N.D.E. (The National Youth Orchestra of Spain): wind quintet, Professor Peter Lloyd, concert in El Escorial.
1992: Collaboration with ‘Quinteto de Valencia’.
1995: Flute quartets by Mozart with the Mozart Quartet (members of the Symphonic Orchestra of Galicia).
1994-1996: Member of the Atlantida Quintet (soloists of the Symphonic Orchestra of Galicia). Tours around Galicia and Madrid.

1984-1990: Member of the ‘Unió Musical de Picaña’. Director: Enrique Villalba.
1990-1992: Military musician (‘Banda Militar Maestrazgo Nº 3’). Director: Comandante Adam Ferrero.
1991, 1992: He was invited by ‘L´Artística’, Buñol.
1994: He was invited by the Municipal Band of Santiago de Compostela.
1999-2001: He was invited by ‘Banda del Rosal’.

1994-1995: Tristán Music Academy, A Coruña (Professor of flute).
1996-1997: Music School, Alfafar - Valencia. (Professor of flute).
1997: Music School, Teruel. (Professor of flute).
1999-2000: Music School, Candeán - Vigo. (Professor of flute).
1999-2001: Music School, Viana do Castelo - Portugal. (Professor of flute, Chamber Music and Symphonic Orchestra).
Since 1998, he has been a Professor of flute and Chamber Music (Conservatoires of Pontevedra, Lugo and Vigo).

 Other Interesting Aspects

2001: Flute classes in El Rosal.
2005: Summer Course in Salceda.

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