Mª do Carme Kruckenberg Sanjurjo

Category: Writer
Birth Date: 3rd June 1926
Birth Place: Vigo (Pontevedra)

She studied at the German School. Then she studied her favourites subjects on her own account. When she got married, she travelled to Buenos Aires, where she lived for four years. After her separation, she went to the USA for ten months to know better North American literature and poetry. She came back to Galicia and travelled to Madrid to make a broadcast about poetry since the 'cantigas de amigo' up to nowadays. She made two records for 'R.C.A. Española' with her poems and voice, one in Galician, the other one in Castilian. She wrote a weekly page in the newspaper Faro de Vigo for twelve years. He travelled around 39 countries in Europe, America, Africa and Asia, but she always comes back to Vigo with her people and city. In May 2000, almost the whole of her work was published.

 Work & Activities

She wrote twenty poetry books in Galician and Castilian in two folders, one of them with illustrations by Goyanes and the second one with drawings by Eva Lorens: Catro contos para os nenos (maiores) and Un libro de contos ou historias na miña vida. She gave lectures on the Galician Generation of the 50's, on Rosalía, on Castelao's unpublished letters and the 'cantigas de amigo' until the new Galician poetry in Switzerland.

 Other Interesting Aspects

She got the following prizes and distinctions: 'Alecrín' Prize (1997); 'viguesa distinguida'; 'gallega distinguida'; 'Diálogos 90' (1998); the Galician bronze medal (1998) and 'medalla da enxebre Orde da Vieira' (1999).