Manuel Vicente Cociña Vizoso

Category: Politician and journalist
Birth Date: 13th February 1818 (†29th April 1854)
Birth Place: Celeiro - Viveiro (Lugo)

He studied at Natividad School in Viveiro (Lugo) and later moved to Santiago to study Law and Philosophy. He devoted himself to politics and Journalism. In 1850, he became a deputy in his native town. In 1842, he was nominated as president of the Literary Academy, making a speech about The Origin of the Historical School and its influence on the modern societies. In 1843, he founded the newspaper El Centinela de Galicia and ten years later he edited the newspaper El Oriente in Madrid. Because of the progressive character of this newspaper and the publication of critical articles, it was suppressed by judicial order. Journalists were persecuted and Manuel Cociña had to run away to Córdoba.

 Work & Activities

Apart from his journalistic activity and the numerous speeches he made, he published a satirical work titled Un sueño en Estambul en el año 1550. In 1841, he published a book titled Lecciones críticas de la historia del derecho romano y español. He also wrote the work Reseña histórica de los últimos acontecimientos de Galicia (Madrid, 1846). Besides, he wrote the prologue to the poems by José Mª Posada and published in Santiago Las leyes de España emancipada.