Manuel Roberto Mariño Fernández

Pseudonym: Roberto Verino
Category: Designer
Birth Date: 1945
Birth Place: Verín (Ourense)
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After studying in Paris, he created his first Pret-á-Porter collection for women in 1982 and opened his first shop in Paris in 1983. Since 1984, he has taken part in all the editions of 'Pasarela Cibeles'. In 1984, he began to collaborate with 'El Corte Inglés' and consolidated his presence in the Japanese market in 1989. During 1990, he got several prizes such as 'T de triunfador' and 'Baileys'. In 1992, he opened his first shop in Madrid, where he was given the 'Golden Needle' ('Aguja de Oro'), which is the greatest prize given to the best international fashion designer every year. He also brought out his first fragrance for woman: 'Verino'. In 1994, he got the distinction 'T de Telva' to the best Spanish fashion designer. In September, he got the prize to the best collection presented in Cibeles. In 1995, he brought his second fragrance: 'Eau de Verino'. In 1997, he signed an agreement to develop and bring out new fragrances and get the international position of the existing lines. He went on his international expansion opening his first shop in Portugal -Oporto and Lisbon- fulfilling his wish of having his own business network with over 40 shop centres. In 1997, his firm was the first Spanish fashion firm that got the quality certification ISO 9001 because of his constant work and effort to improve every day. He shares with Picasso the following sentence: 'Inspiration is important but it is necessary to be working when it comes'.