Manuel Núñez Saavedra

Category: Ideologist
Birth Date: In 1833 (†In 1916)
Birth Place: Villarín - Sta.Lucía de A Lence - As Nogais (Lugo)

He entered St Lorenzo School in Lugo, where he carried out ecclesiastical studies although he was never ordained as a priest. In 1872, he was elected head of a group of carlist guerrillas. It was then that they started their actions storming and stealing documents to get information, etc. After the end of the third Carlist war in 1874, Carlists who gave up their activity and laid down their arms were pardoned. After appearing before the Military Court in Lugo, Manuel Núñez Saavedra had to pay a great amount of money to avoid prison. In 1878, he married María Consuelo Díaz Herbón and had seven children.