Manuel Iglesias Corral

Category: Politician and lawyer
Birth Date: 5th January 1900 (†In 1995)
Birth Place: A Coruña

He studied Secondary Education in his native city and Law in Santiago de Compostela. In 1931, he was elected councillor in A Coruña. He participated in the draft bill of the Statute of the Galician Autonomy. In 1933, he was elected deputy (Republican Galician Party) in A Coruña and was nominated as public prosecutor of the Republic in 1936. During Franco's government, he filled important offices in the executive boards of several Galician firms and societies such as the bank firm 'Banco del Noroeste' and the newspaper 'La Voz de Galicia'. He also filled the offices of dean at the Bar Association in A Coruña and president of the Academy of Jurisprudence and Legislation. In 1977, he was elected senator and nominated as president of the constitutional commission of the Senate. In 1981, he was elected autonomous deputy in the political party 'UCD' and later on senator in 'AP'.