Manuel Darriba

Birth Date: In 1973
Birth Place: Sarria (Lugo)
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He took a degree in Journalism at the Complutense University (Madrid) and Philosophy at the Open University (UNED). He worked as a reporter and special correspondent of El Progreso and Diario de Pontevedra until 2004. That same year he founded Transmedia Agency together with José Manuel Gegúndez. He was responsible for publications in this company until 2010 and edited magazines about cattle rising, hotel business and the annual of the Galician Audiovisual Academy.

He has collaborated in different media like Dominical (supplement of El Periódico de Catalunya, ABC and several regional newspapers), La Clave (weekly magazine), Expansión (economical newspaper), GPS (Galician magazine), the Galician News Agency, Protexta (literary magazine), the supplements "Crónica" and "Magazine" of El Mundo and the Galician edition of El País. Nowadays he published a weekly column in De luns a venres.

Because of his journalistic activity, he was awarded Once-Galicia Journalism Prize, Julio Camba Report Prize and a special mention at Manuel Alcántara National Prize for journalists under 35.

He made his debut as a writer with Paf Xarope (novel) in 1997. Then he published the poetry book Calor (1997) and the novel Outonos espectaculares (1998). In 2000 he was awarded Lueiro Rey Short Novel Prize with Velada do billarista and Espiral Maior Poetry Pize in 2005 with Vostede non sabe con quen está a falar. Two of his works were published in Spanish by Bruguera in 2008 in an only volume: El billarista. Accidental. In 2009 he published Branco (short novel) and a year later he was awarded Miguel Ángel Garcés Poetry Prize with Os indios deixaron os verdes prados.

Under the pseudonym ‘Manuel Amado’, he wrote biographies of Lorenzo Varela, Uxío Novoneyra and Lois Pereiro, published by Galaxia and distributed in press in the Days of the Galician Letters dedicated to these poets.

Regarding audiovisual, Manuel Darriba is the scriptwriter and director of Tolos por Xapón (with Pedro A. Ramos), nominated to Mestre Mateo Awards, and Prodixiosos, produced by Bren Entertainment for Galician TV. In 2011, he wrote, produced and directed Pacios. As fotos da memoria. This film was in the international festivals of Lucerne (Switzerland), Tesalónica (Greece) and Latin Side of The Doc (Mexico DF)

At the end of 2011 he enjoyed a scholarship at Casa de América – Carolina Foundation. During a two-month stay in the Hall of Residence of Madrid, he wrote the script of Verano, with Fernando Castets and Inés París as consultants. He wrote other three fiction scripts and a project for a serial.

Regarding television, he was the scriptwriter and director of Onde vai a xente (1st and 2nd seasons) and Un país de lerias (1st season) on TVG in 2011 and 2012.

Together with Daniel Salgado, he published AGE. A emerxencia da Alternativa Galega de Esquerdas at the beginning of 2013. That same year he published O bosque é grande e profundo (Xerais), also published in Spanish by Caballo de Troya.