Manuel Antonio Pérez Sánchez

Category: Poet
Birth Date: 12th July 1900 (†28th January1930)
Birth Place: Rianxo (A Coruña)

When his father died he was only four years old. He spent long periods of time in Padrón with his mother, his grandmother and uncle. He received quite a religous education. When he was thirteen he started Secondary Education in Santiago. From 1919 to 1933, he studied to become a Navy Officer. When he was seventeen he became a member of the Republican Centre in Santiago. In the late 1918 he definitively became a true supporter of Galician autonomy attending the Second Nationalist Galician Assembly (Santiago, 1919). In 1920, he joined the Galician Nationalist Touch and took part in the third and fourth Nationalist Assembly in Vigo (1921) and Monforte (1922).

 Work & Activities

His first poems were published in Santiago in the magazine Suevia (1918). He collaborated in the newspaper La Redención in Padrón (A Coruña) and wrote a social-theme sonet titled O sol da Libertade. In 1922, he published the manifiesto Máis Alá in the magazine Alborada and finished his poetry book Sempre e mais despois, which was not published while he was alive. The book De catro a catro was the only one published while he was alive. This same year he wrote a short number of poems titled Viladomar. The author gathered The collections of poems, which were not published and titled them: Con anacos do meu interior (compositions written in 1921 and 1922), Foulas from 1922 to 1924 and Sempre e mais despois, which gathers the production later than 1928. Some of his prose books are still unpublished today. In 1972 his complete poetry work Poesías was first published in Vigo.

 Other Interesting Aspects

The Galician Academy dedicated him ?O Día das Letras Galegas? (The Day of the Galcian Letters) in 1979.