Bernardo Miguel Vázquez Gil

Pseudonym: Lalo
Category: Journalist, sketcher and writer
Birth Date: 27th May 1927 ( † 20th june 2016)

Degree in Information Sciences and Physical Education. Journalist and sketcher (he created a character called 'Gorecho' for El Pueblo Gallego), engraver (he belonged to the engraving school 'Spes') and sculptor. His work can be found in different museums. He made art criticism. He directed the 'Q. de León' Museum in Vigo. He worked in the newspapers El Pueblo Gallego, Faro de Vigo and Atlántico Diario and in the radio stations 'La Voz de Vigo' and 'Cope', directing the programmes 'Deportes Galicia', 'El Pope' and 'El Boletín Informativo Municipal de Vigo'.

 Work & Activities

He won many contests (journalism, poetry, tales, songs, posters...). He gave lectures and courses and took part in many congresses. He was delegate of culture in Vigo, head of press and public relations man at the City Hall of Vigo. He also founded the Institute of Studies of Vigo. He is official chronicler of Vigo city. He published sixteen books about local history such as Los tesoros de la Ría de Vigo, As rúas de Vigo, Historia dos monumentos vigueses, Retrincos da historia de Vigo and Historia de Vigo nos seus documentos. In 1992, he published El humor gallego en los medios de comunicación. He also wrote theatre plays. He gave a first performance to the comedy Yo, seleccionador nacional o los rigores del fútbol and some others. In 1988, he edited the poetry book Vigo, personaxes e paisaxes. In 1996, he published the novel A da alba sería (aventuras de Don Quixote en Galicia). He has been publishing a daily article about Vigo's history for eleven years. He belonged to the engraving school 'Spes' in Pontevedra. He made sculptures in bronze and planned monuments.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He won the following prizes: 'Rosalía de Castro' (journalism), 'Fogueiras de San Xoán' (poetry), 'Cantiga' in A Coruña, 'Cantiga' in Ourense and many others in Galicia and outside Galicia. In 2003, he was awarded a prize at 'Meigas e Trasgos' Literary contest in Lugo.