Manuel Abelenda Zapata

Category: Painter
Birth Date: 2nd November 1889 (†20th February 1957)
Birth Place: A Coruña

After giving up his studies, he began to work in a printing house as a photoengraving’s apprentice. He began to pain as an autodidact and shortly after he entered the Technical School of A Coruña, where he got good marks and prizes. In 1908, he got grants from the City Council and the County Council of A Coruña to improved his studies in Madrid, where he entered the Special Painting, Sculpture and Engraving School and the Academy of the Circle of Fine Arts. In 1913 and 1914 he studied in Rome by means of a grant from the Academy of Fine Arts of A Coruña and, after the celebration of many exhibitions all over Spain, the County Council of A Coruña gave him a grant to study in Italy, Switzerland and France for three months.

 Work & Activities

His works can be found in several European and American museums. These are some of his most important pictures: Palatino, Foro Romano, Tríptico bohemio, Octubre and Neblina.

 Other Interesting Aspects

In 1943, he was rewarded with the Third Medal of the National Exhibition of Fine Arts. He was a member of Nuestra Señora del Rosario Academy of Fine Arts, the Galician Academy, representative member in Galicia of the Association of Painters and Sculptures of Madrid and honourable member of the Casa de Galicia in Barcelona and Bilbao.