Manuel Abeledo López

Category: Politician
Birth Date: 5th April 1945(† 19th march 2016)
Birth Place: Goiás

He got a degree in Philosophy and Arts at Salamanca University. As teacher of Secondary Education, he became the headmaster of 'Liceo La Paz' school in A Coruña (1973-1975). After a public competition, he entered the Corps of Education Inspectors, working in Malaga and Melilla (1979-1984). He was also teacher and tutor in the Open University in Melilla. From March 1984 to January 1987, he filled the office of 'subdirector general de Planificación, Profesorados e Centros' within the 'Consellería de Educación e Cultura' of the Xunta de Galicia. From 1987 to 1989, he worked in A Coruña as Education Inspector and as chief inspector from 1989 to 1991. From March 1991 to January 1994, he filled the office of director general of Transports within the 'Consellería de Ordenación do Territorio e Obras Públicas' of the Xunta de Galicia. From January 1994 to July 1995, he was a provincial delegate of the 'Consellería de Agricultura, Gandería e Montes' of the Xunta de Galicia.

 Work & Activities

He attended many courses and seminars about Education, Business Management and Administrative Law, sometimes as person present, others as rapporteur. He was president of the County Council of Pontevedra, councillor of the political party 'Partido Popular' in Lalín and provincial vice-president of the party in Pontevedra.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He is married and had three children.