Manoel Soto Ferreiro

Category: Politician
Birth Date: 6th April 1944
Birth Place: Ourense
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He belonged to the Galician Socialist Party in secrecy until he gave up his membership in 1998 to found the progressive party "Progresistas Galegos" together with other ex-members of the Socialist Party and independent people. From 1979 to 1991 he was mayor in Vigo. During this period a great member of the committee of management and the board of directors of the Spanish Federation of municipalities and provinces. He was vice-president of one of the Committees of the European Council representing ten Spanish city councils. He holds the 'Great Cross of Naval Merit' with a white badge. He is the honourable president of the football club "Real Club Celta" and holds the gold and brilliant badge of the club. He is an enterprise consultant and specialist in marketing and business management. Nowadays he is town councillor and spokesman of the political party "Progresistas Galegos" at the City Council in Vigo.

 Work & Activities

These are some of the most important actions he took: - He took the necessary steps to build the main road Madrid-Vigo. - He achieved the University for Vigo. - He carried out the Sanitation Plan for Vigo. - During his term of office, Vigo was rewarded with the 'Silver Broom' as the cleanest city in Spain. - Nearly all the streets and roads of the city were asphalted. - He made many trees be planted in the city. - Many scuptural monuments were erected. - Thousands of council houses were built. - 'Samil' became the beach with most public services in the world. - He created the first public centre in Spain to look after people dependent on drugs and alcohol. - He also created the first public centre in Spain to take in ill-treated women. - He founded the biggest infraestructure of centres for neighbours in Spain. - He got and brought into service the building 'Miguel Servet' for the constant training of teachers. - He brought into service the 'Culture House', he bought and brought into service the Central Library, he promoted the library 'Penzol' he bought and rebuilt the house 'Casa de Arines' to turn it into the 'Institute Camoens of Portuguese Studies' and founded the 'Laxeiro' Museum. - 'Meixoeiro Hospital' was built. - He built a residence for senior citizens in the area called 'Meixoeiro'. - All the state schools were rebuilt in Vigo and several secondary schools were also built. - He favoured the twinning between Vigo and Oporto to develop the relations between Galicia and the North of Portugal. - As fas as transport is concerned, he managed to achieve jets for Vigo, as well as the construction of a new railway station and bus station.