Mª Marisol Pite Sanjurjo

Pseudonym: Soledad Pite Sanjurjo
Category: Teacher and painter
Birth Date: 15th June 1955
Birth Place: Cacheiras - Teo (A Coruña)

She took a degree in Fine Arts at Seville University. From 1991 to 1992, she carried out postgraduate courses at Salamanca University. Since 1978, she has been teaching Drawing at 'Rosalía de Castro' Secondary School in Santiago de Compostela. Since 1985 that she illustrated the book O misterio do lume by Chao Rego, she combines her activity as a teacher with illustration and painting, being a regular illustrator of the magazine 'Encrucillada' and collaborator of the fortnightly magazine 'Irimia', as well as the Galician Bulletin of Literature, among others.

 Work & Activities

These are her last exhibitions: -1993: Pazo de Fonseca 'Santiago Senda de Estrelas', Santiago. -1994: 'Santiago Senda de Estrelas', 'Casa de Galicia', Bilbao. -1996: Xunta de Galicia, 'Casa de Galicia', Madrid. -1997: Casitas da Compañía, Monforte de Lemos. -1998: 'Soutomaior' Castle - 'A Alianza coa realidade', Pontevedra. -1998: 'A Matanza'- 'Paisaxes da alma', Padrón. -1999: C.O.A.G. - 'Onde vagan os nomes e as horas', Santiago de Compostela. -2000: 'Grade' Gallery- 'Dois Pintores Galegos'- Aveiro, Portugal. -2000: 'Citania' Gallery- ?Artistas Composteláns', Santiago.

 Other Interesting Aspects

In 1979, she married Pedro Ávila Durán, a painter from Extremadura, and carried out some works together such as the illustration of the books Os dedos dos loureiros by X. Rábade, which has been recently published by the County Council of A Coruña.