Manuel Xosé Neira López

Category: Writer
Birth Date: 29th January 1964
Birth Place: Lugo
 Work & Activities

He wrote the poetry books O Mar Perdido (Galaxia, 1990) and Abandono da noite (1992; that same year he was awarded 'Esquío' Prize in Galician language, awarded by 'Valle-Inclán' Cultural Society). In the first book he tries to recover the personal memory joined to the existential and social memory. He has also written Libro homenaxe a Garcés (County Council of A Coruña) and Ofrenda a Palestina. He has an unpublished book titled Templo of religious or mystic character. He collaborated in several magazines and newspapers such as 'Dorna', 'Grial', 'Coordenadas', 'Clave Orión', 'Táboa Redonda', El Progreso, La Voz de Galicia and Faro de Vigo. Nowadays, he collaborates in 'Guía dos libros novos' ('Noroeste' Publications) and 'Boletín Galego de Literatura'.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He got the following prizes: 'Esquío', 'Chan Ledo' (on two occasions), 'Meigas e Trasgos', 'Belén de Begonte' Poetry Prize, etc.