Mª Antonina Gay Parga

Category: Journalist
Birth Date: In 1941
Birth Place: Barcelona


She lived in Ávila since 1948 and studied Secondary Education at ' Purísima Concepción de las Hijas de la Caridad' School in San Vicente de Paúl - Las Nieves. She studied Teaching at 'Santa Teresa' School and Journalism at the Journalism School in Madrid. She also got a diploma in Galician language at the Language School in A Coruña. She has been on the staff of the radio station RADIO LUGO since 1962. She was the first presenter of the Top 40 and also presented other programmes such as "Los Superventas" and "Hora Punta". She collaborated in several news and cultural programmes. She collaborated in the team 'Galicia sempre', making the first programmes in Galician language at the beginning of the 70's together with Lois Diéguez, Margarita Ledo Andión, Eliseo Miguélez, Carlos Varela Veiga... She created the magazine "Mexunxe" in 1985 and presented it until 1993. She was responsible for two courses on Galician language for beginners and another one of a higher level on the radio. She presented programmes dedicated to the Galician letters on the radio station 'Cadena SER' for three years. She created and presented the gathering programme 'Club de opinión' in 1991. She promoted the show 'O Badulaque' in Galician language, directed and presented by Grial Parga, which is broadcasted on Radio Lugo via Internet. Together with Jesús García Calderón and Jorge de Vivero, she created and presented the weekly programme "Libros, música y otras hierbas" in 1997-98-99-00. From 1994 to 1995, he presented the programme "Lucences", a serial of fifteen interviews for Lugo TV.

 Work & Activities

In 1994, she directed the course 'A palabra herdada' on Galician language (a book and six CDs). She is also the author of four audio-books dedicated to Rafael Dieste (Do arquivo á fiestra, 1995), Xesús Ferro Couselo (Xesús Ferro Couselo: un devanceiro, 1996), Ánxel Fole (Ánxel fole ¡Si señor!, 1997) and the medieval poets from Vigo (Ondas do mar de amigo, 1999, Citania Publications).

 Other Interesting Aspects

In 1993, she was awarded Galicia Communication prize for radio means. In 1962, she was awarded the first prize for actresses at the First Contest of Young Theatre in Zamora. She is the vice-president of 'Valle-Inclán' Cultural Club and is a member of the board of directors of the Philharmonic Society of Lugo.