Faustino Santalices Pérez

Category: Musician
Birth Date: 16th November 1877 († 6th December 1960)
Birth Place: Bande (Ourense)

He studied Galician folklore and Law at Santiago University, where he met Ramón Cabanillas. After taking his degree in Law, he got into the Home Office and was appointed to Soria, where he lived until 1914 before going back to Ourense. In 1918, he married Rosa Muñiz, who accompanied him in his performances and recordings in 1924 he was nominated Secretary of the Civil Government in Ourense.

 Work & Activities

Faustino Santalices studied non only the folklore but only the traditional musical instruments. In 1922, he started to collaborate as piper in the choir 'De Ruada' from Ourense, making melodies such as Muiñeira de Cartelle, Pasacorredoiras da Arnoia, Muiñeira de Rubiás and Alborada antigua de Orense. After leaving the choir 'De Ruada', he collaborated in the choir 'Os Enxebres' and did a great job popularizing our folklore. During the war period, he made many pipes, which he gave to Galician soldiers. Some years later, he moved to Barcelona and then to Madrid in 1944. In Madrid, he collaborated with the group 'Rosalía de Castro' and made a record. He also collaborated in newspapers and magazines such as Finisterre, Revista de Galicia, Faro de Vigo and so forth. We must also stand out the lecture he gave in Santiago (1952) because of the inauguration of Gelmírez Palace and the homage to Menéndez Pidal (1954), where he presented the Ballad of Gaifeiros de Mormaltán. From 1952 onwards, he started to plan the building of the Musical Instruments School in Lugo and on the following year he made four records in 'Columbia. Notas mágicas'. Then he adapted and reissued the records in an only one titled Faustino Santalices. Besides, he recorded Cantigas de Martín Códax, although it is not known if it was printed.