Luis Soto Fernández

Category: Politician and journalist
Birth Date: 23rd December 1902 (†11th November 1982)
Birth Place: Podentes - A Bola (Ourense)

After studying Secondary Education in Celanova (Ourense), he emigrated to Argentina. When he returned, he had to take part in the war in Morocco, where he stayed for three years, and then began to work as a teacher. When the Civil War broke out, he managed to hide and then travel to Portugal and France. From 1938 onwards, he travelled around Cuba and the USA and established himself in Mexico, where he founded the Galician National Alliance that joined all the Galician antifascist forces. In 1958, he travelled to Portugal, where he gave a lecture in Galician and in 1960, he was allowed to enter Spain. In 1966, he was expelled again from Spain and could not return until the disappearance of Franco's dictatorship.

 Work & Activities

He started his journalistic activity when he was seventeen and published the socialist newspaper El Eco in Argentina. During his stay in Africa, he collaborated in the newspaper La Voz de Tetuán on several occasions. He collaborated with the newspapers El Soviet, Ateo and Escuela del Trabajo in Galicia and the newspapers España Popular, Nuestra Bandera, Loita, Boletín Galego de Información and Saudade in Mexico. He was one of the main promoters of the magazine 'Vieiros', created together with Carlos Velo, Arturo Souto and Delgado Gurriarán.