Luis Ferreiro Peinó

Category: Sculptor
Birth Date: 19th May 1921 (†13th april 2004)
Birth Place: Lugo


He started to work as a wood carver. He carried out this activity until 1960 that he developed to sculpture. He was an autodidact for several years. He graduated in Arts and Crafts at 'Ramón Falcón' School in Lugo (1975). During the 80's, he collaborated as a carving monitor in the City Council of Lugo and the Red Cross.

 Work & Activities

His work, which was first figurative and then realistic, developed to other tendencies. He carried out many exhibitions in Lugo and other Galician and Spanish cities. He participated in the National Contest of Plastic Arts, the Third Edition of 'Mestre Mateo' Exhibition Contest (Santiago de Compostela), the First Art Biennial and the Second Regional Biennial, organised by the County Council of Pontevedra. His works can be found in private collections all over Galicia, Spain and the USA and public collections (City Council of Lugo, County Council of Lugo, Lugo's Museum and Ourense's Museum). Humanity, dreams and phantasmagoric worlds are his favourite topics. These are some of his most important works 'A bomba atómica', 'Valle Inclán', 'Voando', 'Figuracións á beira do lume', 'Anguria', 'Tolleito', 'Familia' and 'Busto de Ricardo Rodríguez Ferreiro'.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He carved a Christ that lies in Portomarín (Lugo), where the Knights of Alquitara Order take the oath on it. He also made the pattern of the trophy for people who got the distinction 'Lugueses del año'. He also made the pattern of many plaques that can be found in Lugo and other villages.